Tips and Tricks for Transporting Your Christmas Tree

Each Christmas we all struggle to bring home our Christmas trees. Check out these tips to help make your journey less stressful & more enjoyable this year!

  1. Measure your space: Before you pick up with your tree, measure the roof length of your vehicle or the back of the jeep that it will be going into, this will be a life saver!
  2. Protect your vehicle: We would recommend taking old heavy blankets which you can use to stop the tree from scratching your paintwork on the roof. Just make sure that the blanket is secure and that it won’t catch the wind while driving as this could potentially lead to an accident.
  3. Wrap your tree: When purchasing your tree, request it to be wrapped in some netting. Your tree will be less likely to be damaged during the drive home.
  4. Secure your tree properly: When going to collect your tree make sure you have the necessary ropes & ties to fit it to the top of your car. It should also have roof rails on the vehicle & preferably a roof rack too. Place your tree in the vehicle with the trunk towards the front of the vehicle with the taping top of the tree to the rear as it will be more aerodynamic shape for transportation.
  5. Drive slowly: When driving remember to factor in that the tree will increase your vehicle’s weight, so you need to start slowing down earlier for junctions than you normally would.

Happy Christmas & Stay Safe from all in Auto Boland Jaguar Land Rover