For the month of April, we are offering up to €120 of our Jaguar Land Rover Dashcam range.

Dashcams have become increasingly popular over the past five years due to the many benefits associated with installing them.

Benefits include:

1. Provides additional protection in accidents:

Dashcams provide valuable evidence in the event of an accident or collision. Video footage captured by the dashcam to help prove that you were not at fault at the time the incident occurred.

2. Improve driving behavior

My installing a visual dashcam in your vehicle, it will make dangerous drivers increasingly aware of their reckless driving if they are in camera view. Resulting in encouraging them to drive more responsibly and keeping you and your family safe.

3. Monitoring your car

You may be concerned that your child is driving your car irresponsibly, by installing a dashcam it can be an effective way to help you monitoring their driving when you are not present in the car.

4. Protecting your car when it’s parked

Dash cams have a parking mode feature which means that if your car is bumped or hit the dashcam will begin to record automatically. This will allow you have a better idea of how any damage happened to your parked car.

For more information on our dashcam offer contact Martin or John on 051-335000.

T&C apply.

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