The Jaguar F Pace Facelift: Park Assist

The facelifted Jaguar F-Pace includes an improved Park Assist feature.

The Park Assist feature has been implemented to give the driver a smooth & stress free parking experience even in the tightest of spaces.

This is achieved through automating the manoeuvres to allow you move in and out of the parking space with ease. This will feature works for parallel parking, perpendicular parking and when exiting a car park space.

When you turn on your park assist, this technology allows the sensors to measure the available parking spaces as you drive past. Once it detects a space, which is 20% or more greater than your car, it will come to a halt. You then leave go of the steering wheel and select reverse gear on our touch screen. this then takes over the steering wheel whilst you sit back. The driver still has control over the accelerator and brakes allowing you to stop when you need to do so.

Note: Park Assist detects large objects such as vehicles but is unable to detect hazards such as animals, children, bicycles or motorbikes. You should always observe your surroundings when using this feature.