I-Pace: The All Electric Jaguar

Every Jaguar feels like no other car on the road. Moving to all-electric power doesn't change this. Built from the ground up, the new Jaguar I-Pace is a pure Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV).

I-Pace is a Jaguar above all else, a true driver's car. It's electric motors and near perfect weight distribution deliver 700Nm of instant torque sports car agility.

Featuring an elegant, highly aerodynamic design with a low drag co-efficient of 0.29d, I-Pace has been created to provide efficiency by slicing cleanly through the air for maximum range & stability.

I-Pace offers excitement from every angle thanks to it's flowing waistline, dramatic bonnet scoop and signature rear haunches.

I-Pace seamlessly integrate technology and abundant space. The interior design is clean & uncluttered, with tactile features & sweeping lines. The nature of the electric power train offers additional space, providing more freedom to maximise comfort provided by I-Pace interior.

Check out this video to see the Jaguar I-Pace in action !